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Be sure to visit this site often cause Itīll be updated. This site is for the fans, about Dallas Mavericks explosive smallforward and uncontested leader - Michael Finley.

The site includes videos, pictures, statistics, audio, biography, stats and much more. Please sign the guestbook so that I know wich people visit the site.If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me and let me know. If you by any chance would find a picture that I don´t have, mail it, or the adress to me. It will earn you a spot in the thankspage.

Enjoy your stay and spread the word that the best ever Michael Finley Homepage is in town. And itīs here to stay.





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Markus Ramstrom, 98-99. I am in no way affiliated with Michael Finley, the Dallas Mavericks, the NBA, or any other group represented on this page, just a fan with a lot of time on his hands.